About Us

Canada International Trading Corporation (CITC) focuses on international marketing and trading businesses, and is the first Mongolian company registered in Saskatchewan, Canada in February 2009.

CITC aims to become well established and reputable leading trading corporation. Our carefully selected choices of quality products/services and aggressive marketing endeavors enable us to deliver competitive price, world class products and services to enterprises in order to improve their efficiency and profitability.

Currently, CITC has three subsidiary companies which are registered and operate their businesses in Mongolia.

•    Cypher New Mongolia: offers environmentally friendly products
•    Ensada Tractron: offers world class agricultural and technical equipments
•    Limited Edition: offers professional marketing and consulting services

Our advantages:

•    Connect buyer and supplier without a middleman
•    Offer products that you wanted to buy at affordable prices by comparing throughout Canada and the US
•    Loading purchased orders in container is executed at the lowest cost with reliable services
•    Through our contracted transportation and logistics company, your container is arrived in Mongolia within 4-8 weeks with CIF condition.
•    Skilled professionals who have both Mongolian and Canadian experiences help you choose your interested equipments and products, as well as provide you professional translation services and comfortable transportation means.
•    For equipments, required spare parts can be supplied from Mongolian service center as well as from Canada based on the order

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