Our Services

CITC operates only under client's mandate for whichever products and commodity. Our services are tailored on the client's requirements and provide assistance in trading operations with Mongolia and in the launch of North American products in the Mongolian market.

Each market is different from the other for tradition, culture and history. To be able to adapt themselves to the demands of the market and the single economic subjects (such as users, enterprises and institutions) is the essential condition to be successful.

The CITC structures can take you to the discovery and the utilization of the opportunities that each market offers. Our business horizon is unlimited; we are in marketing, agriculture and environmental fields. Since our companies are specialized in different fields, we can assist you in your specific field.

Our services are structured with the goal of leaving to the client all the technical evaluation, while CITC is taking care of managing the contacts with the local enterprise, of evaluating its reliability and technical capacity, of managing all of the contacts between the Canadian and the local party.

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